Ricky Raman

Rajiv Bhatia is responsible for the management of our hotels and the growth of our management portfolio. He is an industry veteran, beginning his career in 1983. As a former professor of hospitality & tourism management, Rajiv brings a wealth of experience in brand operations, property openings, design and development, franchise services, quality assurance, training, development financing, and marketing. Rajiv has served as president for several Wyndham brands and was named CEO of FairBridge Hotels in 2017.

Rajiv brings to PeachState a remarkable set of skills and abilities sharpened and tested at the highest levels of the hotel industry. Streamlining processes, communication, and improving efficiency are talents that Rajiv uses to continuously improve the quality of operations for PeachState Hospitality, LLC.

Rajiv believes that our company’s successes come from three elements.

  1. Impressive Quality Assets that accommodate adjustments.
  2. Prodigious Human Talent Asset that is guest-centric, stimulated, adaptive and adequately supported.
  3. Prolific Brand partners that deliver consistently.


Meaningful Experiences